Indoor cycling was created by uniting indoor stationary bike technology with an unprecedented cycling experience. Riders experience a challenging, exhilarating and fun workout, led by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors, ensuring riders enjoy the journey. This class will not only burn calories, but strengthen your heart and lungs, lower stress levels, and improve your overall fitness.

Our facility utilizes two types of indoor bikes. The Lemond RevMaster is our more conventional indoor cycling platform with a stable pedaling base. The RealRyder allows for a more realistic ride with turning, tilting and leaning to simulate an outdoor riding experience.

We Know You Like Options

That’s why we have given you over 30 classes a week to choose from. When you are a member, they are included. These classes will either relax you (ahh Yoga), get your heart rate up (Cycle, anyone?) or prove to you that you are stronger than you think (try BODYPUMP ™ or TRX Suspension Training ®, we dare you). Our classes are built for all levels, all the time. Our talented instructors will welcome and encourage you to go at your own pace. Whether it is setting the right seat height in Cycle, or modifying a pose in Pilates, our team will respect your limitations while empowering you with what you can accomplish. But be forewarned – you might just get hooked.

Our Class Schedule