Training Coalition

Training Coalition

Our Small Group Personal Training is formatted so you receive the individual attention of a personal training session with the accountability of a small group of friends, colleagues or fellow members. A session will include a cardio component, resistance section and a core routine. Sessions will progress each week and increase endurance, strength, and flexibility of the entire body. This option is available to members over the age of 18. Groups are formed by fitness level and ability. Please contact us for further information about this option or any other training and fitness programs.

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Catalyst Team Training at George Erb Fitness Center

Catalyst Team Training

I joined the gym, but I never go. The gym is boring, just the same old grind. I would go more, but I don’t know what to do. We’ve said (and heard) this time and time again. Catalyst Team Training is the solution. Meet with your friends, and a professional trainer, and sweat out all that ails you in each 60 minute meeting. The best part, you get your own space, away from the rest of the gym to bust through the barriers that have stood in your way. With specialized equipment, and outdoor space, each workout is designed to put you to the test, as well as motivate you to come back, to see what else you can achieve.

Personal Training at George Erb Fitness Center

Personal Training

All personal training services at George Erb Fitness Center are provided by certified training staff with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in the exercise sciences. Personal training sessions offer individualized fitness programs including both a cardiovascular and resistance training regimen. The first session includes a functional needs assessment, a goal based resistance training program, instruction in proper technique to complete the program, as well as a training schedule/program.

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