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About George Erb Fitness Center

What George Erb Fitness Center is All About

We know there are many fitness options around and you have to ask yourself, why George Erb Fitness Center?  We ask ourselves the same question…every day.  The solution we found is to stay on the forefront of the fitness industry with the latest equipment, programming options, and training techniques all while providing the clean, non-crowded environment we know you are looking for.

We give back by donating a portion of our profits and resources to local schools, organizations, and nonprofits

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Membership at
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Choose the Best Option for You

You don’t have to be scared to join, we will never impose lengthy contracts, hidden fees, or secret cancellation policies. We don’t even have a sales team. We will encourage you to choose the options that are best for you. We offer ways you can optimize your health through personal training, group training, Pilates sessions or just a comfortable, super clean, place to work out. You’d do the same for us, right?

No Hidden Fees, No Contracts, No Extra Charges

Membership at George Erb Fitness Center promises to give you a different gym experience. We have no hidden fees, no contracts, no extra charges for our amenities. Instead, we offer you one rate, all access, all the time. How is that for simple?

Individual membership:

Membership at George Erb Fitness Center

How to get started

Members pay the first month (pro-rated), a “floating” last month, and a $15 membership card fee. No processing or enrollment fees and no minimum contract period. You can cancel anytime, but we hope you’ll stay a while. What’s better? No fee to lock in your rate. No annual fees. No tricks.

What you get

Full access to main gym floor, group exercise classes, complimentary towel service, access to the restrooms and locker room facilities. Not to mention kickass instructors, a free orientation with a personal trainer, and a $15 Pilates Equipment Trial.

Want to bring the
whole family?

Family Memberships

Family Memberships

  • Family 1st Member: $55 per month
  • Family 2nd Member: $45 per month
  • Family 3rd Member: $41 per month
  • Family 4th+ Member: $31 per month

What they get

The same as you! Full access to main gym floor, group exercise classes, complimentary towel service, access to the restrooms and locker room facilities, orientation, $15 Pilates trial... you get the idea.

How to get started

Family memberships are just like individual memberships, just with a reduced pricing hierarchy. 1st month (pro-rated), a “floating” last month, and a $15 membership card fee.  No processing or enrollment fees, and no minimum contract period. All billing must be done using the same credit card or checking account for month to month memberships.

Don't like automated billing? No sweat...

We offer the same pricing structure listed above without the need to set up automated billing. With as little as a 6 month commitment paid up front, we will not bill monthly. Instead, we will give you a heads up when your pre-paid time is coming to an end so that your membership isn’t interrupted.

Group Classes?
No Problem.

Group Exercise Membership

Group Exercise Membership

5 classes for $45.  A one time $15 membership card fee applies with the first purchase of classes. This does not mean we charge extra for classes. This membership is for the folks that only want to take a class and never plan to touch a treadmill, Reformer, or dumbbell (outside the context of a class of course).

What you get

The opportunity to join over 30 classes a week to use as you please, i.e. your pass will not expire in a given period of time. Oh, and access to the restroom and locker room facilities, because that’s important. No main gym floor use is permitted for Group Exercise members, please see individual memberships if you are interested in full access.

Only in town for a few days?

Want to try the gym beyond a guest pass without any commitment? We’ve got your back there, too! Whether you need just one day ($15), a week ($30), or 30 days ($70), you get all the benefits of a standard individual membership (main gym access, classes, towel service, locker room access, etc.) without committing to ongoing billing, or a long term agreement.

We Even Include
Child Care

Child Care

We provide child care services as a complimentary part of any membership. You will find a safe interactive environment for your kids (ages 3 months to 12 years) while you get your workout, with the peace of mind that your children are well supervised. Arts and crafts, or homework time are encouraged, and your kids may even come home with new holiday decorations.


Weekdays: 8:00AM - 12:00PM and 2:00PM - 8:00PM
Weekends: 8:00AM - 12:00PM

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